Marilyn accepts students of all ages.

She has taught children of five and adults in their eighties and everything in between. Her teaching covers everything from the most basic fundamentals to the nuances of interpretation of the different ages of music.

Learning music at a young age contributes to greater understanding in other core skills, including math and language. As part of the education she provides, she teaches ear training, sight reading, technique, interpretation, music history, and music theory.

Marilyn’s main focus is on what is generally considered “classical” music, ranging from the early Baroque music of Bach and the Classical period of Mozart and Beethoven through the Romantic music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff and into 20th Century music.

She integrates music history and music theory into her private lessons. She also provides coaching in pop, jazz, and other styles. She can teach the subtleties of accompaniment and chamber music. If students are interested, they can study four-hand pieces of music and perform together on her pair of Steinway grand pianos from the “golden age” of Steinway.